2010 Men's Retreat Audio
Rev. Charles Shepson ...  "Who Am I, Who Are You, Who Is God "  listen
Rev. David Crowe ... "The Faithful Soldier Eleazar"   listen
Rev. Charles Shepson ... "Seven Characteristics of a Happy Home" listen
Rev. David Crowe ... "By My Spirit"
Rev. David Crowe ... "Transformed Not Conformed"  listen
Rev. Charles Shepson ... "How To Win Unsaved Loved Ones" listen
Rev. David Crowe ... "Balcony People"  listen
Rev. Charles Shepson ... "Give Men to Match our Mountains"  

2009 Men's Retreat Audio
Pastor John Meade...  "Why Are We Here "  listen
Rev. Edwin Hayes... "What Binds Us Together"  listen        
Pastor Tom Dooley... "Be Filled With The Spirit"   listen
Pastor Daryl Grimes... 'Two Are Better Than One"  listen   
Dr. David Gibbs... "Stop It"  listen
Dr. David Gibbs... "God Can Do The Impossible"  listen
Dr. David Gibbs... "How To OVercome Worry"  listen


2008 Men's Retreat Audio
Rev. Brian Baer...  "I'm Not Gonna Do It"  listen
Rev. Keith Burden... "How To Survive Success"   
Rev. Keith Burden...  "Your Job In The Church"  listen
Rev. Brian Baer...  "A Weeping Savior"  listen
Rev. Keith Burden...  "The Tragedy Of An Offended Spirit"    listen
Rev. Brian Baer...  "We Shall Behold Him"   listen
Rev. Keith Burden...  "Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet"  listen
Rev. Brian Baer...  "Are We There Yet"  listen

2007 Men's Retreat Audio
Pastor Tim Stout...  "How To Recognize A Man of God"  listen  
Missionary Tim Keener...  "The Day of Good News"  listen
Missionary Tom Jones...  "Out of the Cave Into the Light"   listen
Pastor Bruce Copely...  "What Caused this Church to Die"  listen

Edwin Hayes Audio
"Why I Am A Free Will Baptist"    listen